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Born: 1986, Rostov-na-Donu, Russia.

Education: Master of Science in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science — 2009.

Alma mater: Southern Federal University, Faculty of Mathematics, Mechanics and Computer Sciences (MMCS, Мехмат).

Current Activities: PhD student at Programming Research Laboratory, Northeastern University.

e-mail: a.pelenitsyn​@​

I am interested in typed functional programming and corresponding languages (mostly, Haskell), type and effect systems, mathematics of program construction. In the past I worked towards better software engineering principles of building computer algebra software in C++, especially using what C++ world knows as generic programming. After that, I was working on a principled approach to the subtyping relation in the Julia programming language (cf. our OOPSLA’18 publication on that). Right now, I’m researching a mixture of control-flow (à la Algol and ML) and data-flow (à la Datalog) approaches to programming in a commerical database programming language by Realtional.AI implemented on top of Julia.

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