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Born: 1986, Rostov-na-Donu, Russia.

Education: Master of Science in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science — 2009.

Alma mater: Southern Federal University, Faculty of Mathematics, Mechanics and Computer Sciences (MMCS, Мехмат).

Current Activities: PhD student at Programming Research Laboratory, Northeastern University.

e-mail: a.pelenitsyn​@​

I am interested in typed functional programming and corresponding languages (mostly, Haskell), type and effect systems, mathematics of program construction (if this sounds mysterious, there is one good list of references). In the past I worked for better software engineering principles of building a computer algebra software in C++, especially using what C++ world knows as generic programming. Lately, I was working on a principled approach to the subtyping relation in the Julia programming language (cf. OOPSLA’18 publication). Right now, I’m researching a mixture of control-flow (à la Algol and ML) and data-flow (à la Datalog) approaches to programming in a commerical DSL implemented on top of Julia.

Here are some links to find out more about my professional interests:

My main publications so far